Our assignment was easy: “Create a public service announcement about any issue you want”. This sounds easy enough until you sit down and try writing. In this situation, it’s helpful to take a step back from the process of thinking about ideas, specifics about what the character is going to do, and pick a theme or one thing to focus on.

I co-wrote a public service announcement script about the issue of sharing of too much or too often on social media. The main message here was 1) there’s life outside of the devices that keep us “connected” and 2) don’t the relationships in front of you pass by as you’re staying “connected”.¬†After listening to other groups pitch their ideas, I decided to DP for a PSA about the dangers of the Internet and children/youth.

We used the Sony FS7 and f/4 16-35mm with the camera setup on Cine EI at ISO 3200. Allister Chapman wrote a fantastic guide about Cine EI which saved me a lot of time.

Here’s what the footage looks like after going through Neat Video’s noise reduction process.

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